Pictures of African Tattoo Symbols

Pictures of African symbols are fairly difficult to find. African tattoos are even more rare. Most forms of skin embellishment did not involve pictures of African symbols, but rather scarring and ridges.  Scarification is typically viewed as a test of braveness. Scarring is quite painful, and demands great personal strength. To be able to get through the procedure with out crying out in distress was a sign of ones strength and courage. To have done so would be humiliating.
African power symbol
African power symbol
Traditional African Tattoos mostly use Adrinka symbols. They other symbols are very common all over the world – Christ, pictures of semi-naked girls etc. The cultural background of tattoos in Africa were not for fashion or to look good, but the African pictures served as symbols of protection, luck and to ward off evil spirits. The other form of marking the skin was scarification – this is the process of actually damaging the skin tissue so as to form scars. The pattern of scars held significance and often denoted tribal origins. This practice still continues today in South Africa and Africa.
Picture of Modern African Tattoo
Maori Tattoo
Modern tattoos are very similar to others around the world – known as tribal tattoos these symbols originated from the Maori tribes. These pictures are intricate and stylish, and look fantastic when on the skin. Apart from the symbolism, they make a great tattoo.

Picture of Modern African Tattoo
Modern African Tattoo
These intricate pictures are very popular and a competent artist is able to convert almost any African picture into a suitable design.Often people will cover their whole arm and shoulder with these designs.

Picture of Traditional African scarification
Traditional African tattoo
African Pictures of Tattoos are quite rare. Modern African Tattoos draw heavily on the Maori designs. Traditionally African tattoos did not use ink, but rather ash which was rubbed into quite deeps cuts – called scarification. I don’t know why anyone who is not from a tribal background would choose to have a traditional African tattoo – not matter how nice the African picture – it is a very painful process and leaves raised ridges and scarring. Many people around the world – not tribal people, like the technique of scarification.
NyammiNyami tattoo
Tattoos using African pictures, customs and rituals are widely used. The NyamiNyami, for instance, is used as  tattoo by those people who have visited Zimbabwe and done the bungee jump. Tattoos serve as symbols and reminders of some of the great moments in our lives. The painful process of tattooing can help us to focus and change our lives. Many pictures of African tattoos can be found at African mask